Press Quotes


Nick Carbone ‘' le Clive Davis'' du disque Quebecois

- Gaston Dugas, RadioActivité


“Nick Carbone, the Genius of Promotion.”

- Kevin Wynn, The Record


« Carbone n'avait rien à cacher de la stratégie médiatique qu'il entendait adopter… et ça a marché.»

- Mario Roy, La Presse


“Carbone is no slacker when it comes to understanding the value of promotion… Find an act that is unique and create new idols.”

- Robyn Bryant, Vista Magazine


« Selon Nick Carbone, un vrai gérant demeure la personne la mieux placée pour décider des stratégies de carrière ».

- Campus Magazine


“Carbone is out to prove that young Canadians are ready for native teen idols.”

- Barrie McKenna, The Financial Post


“Carbone knew a year ago that Mitsou's adolescent pop couldn't miss… Carbone expects the LP to go straight to the top of the sales charts…”

- Paul Delean, The Gazette (1989)


“Still the real battle ground for her (Mitsou) will be radio… and in this regard she has in her corner Nick Carbone, an industry veteran…”

- Kirk Lepoint, Billboard