Nick Carbone wrote the book on Québécois record promotion. When given the opportunity, he'll give you chapter and verse on what propels an artist to stardom. “Believe in the product”, affirms the A&R and marketing legend, unabashedly revealing his mantra.


Creative, ambitious, with his ear to the ground and his feet on the street Carbone was a music and marketing man waiting to happen. Montreal in the late seventies-early eighties was the North American epicentre of a new musical explosion. Its electrifying nightlife, flourishing local music scene and liberal society were helping to redefine the North American musical palate. Carbone began his career as sound mastering engineer with London Records, and then on to promotion & marketing. Then came A&M Records and WEA music promoting some of the hottest international artists of the day like Supertramp, Chris de Burgh, The Police, Bryan Adams and Phil Collins many of whom would break first on Montreal radio before abducting the airwaves world-wide.


1985 marked a turning point in Carbone's career. As co-founder and Vice-President of Marketing of Isba records, he set out to discover and develop new talent. The multinationals taught him to see the bigger picture. His instincts told him to leave nothing to chance. That combination resulted in an innovative marketing approach that set the stage for the label's remarkable success.


With a Felix award for “Promotion & Marketing Team of the Year” in one hand and an enviable track record in the other, Carbone founded Tacca Musique in 1991 with local entertainment icon Donald Tarlton. Tacca's impressive roster included two of Quebec 's most popular acts, a fiery female rocker named France D'Amour whose recordings would attain double platinum status and singer-songwriter and riveting performer Kevin Parent, whose first two albums would be certified platinum an unprecedented seven times. Carbone's flair for marketing was second only to his gift for artist and repertoire , the branch of the music industry that relies on something that defies any business model. And he would experience an A&R epiphany again.


In the mid-nineties, Carbone was appointed Managing Director of PolyGram Musique's European International Division. The company's mandate was to market & promote their non-English & French Repertoire artists in Quebec . He spearheaded the marketing and promotion of an impressive roster of artists that included Mylene Farmer Florent Pagny,, Racid Taha and the phenomenally popular Andrea Bocelli.


Inspired once again by the wealth of local talent, Carbone co-founded along with Quebec‘s Music & Television Producer Guy Cloutier C&C Musique in 1999. His first duty as President was to sign a young female Quebecoise who had “amazing chops”. Gabrielle Destroismaisons wowed pop fans throughout the province, selling over 100,000 units of her debut album. Music industry executives marvelled once more at his inherent ability to nurture young talent.

Currently working as a music industry consultant, Carbone Artists list include BMG Musique Andree Watters (Corneille) Corneille Musique David Leblanc Group Gillett Music Group Entertainment …


He lives in Montreal , enjoying his life, music & family and new challenges Now .Move soundtracks & discovering Artist for the future.